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Ann Hyland Yoga Teacher, ERYT, Pilates Instructor, Dance Teacher... YogaButterfly

Experience YogaButterfly is a professional experienced registered yoga teacher ERYT in several yoga styles including YogaBasics for Beginners, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for the Blind, Yoga for Athletes, and Yoga for Rehabbing your Injuries. In addition, YogaButterfly is a Raw Vegan Vegetarian Chef and Raw Health Coach, IARFCT sharing the message of Eating Clean. Overall, YogaButterfly is an Inspirational Public Speaker bringing the message of yoga, meditation and eating clean to your home, office or organization locally and nationwide with international retreats.

Master Speaker
• Yoga Speaker
• Meditation Speaker
• Eating Clean Speaker
• Raw Vegan Vegetarian Speaker
• Plant Based and Fruit Based Eating Speaker
• Detoxing and Cleansing Speaker
• Fitness & Wellness Speaker
• Alcohol & Drug Free Lifestyle Advocate Speaker
• 12 Step Recovery Speaker
• Alanon Experience Strength and Hope Speaker
• Debtors Anonymous Speaker
• Physical Abuse Survivor Speaker
• Sexual Abuse Survivor Speaker
• Car Accident Survivor Speaker
• Weight Loss Advocate Speaker
• ADD ADHD BiPolar Depression Survivor Speaker
• Prescription Free Lifestyle Advocate Speaker
• Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Speaker
• Psychotherapy Advocate Speaker
• Cognitive Brain Skills Advocate Speaker
• Brain Games Advociate Speaker
• Kindness & Compassion Speaker
• Target Audiences: Adults and Teens

• Master Yoga Teacher, ERYT
• Master Meditation Instructor, ERYT
• Raw Food Health Coach and Trainer, IARFCT
• Raw Vegan Vegetarian Chef
• Pilates Instructor
• Dance Instructor
• Thai Yoga Bodyworker
• Personal Trainer
• Usui Reiki Master
• Aromatherapy Expert
• Life Coach
• Public Speaker

Master Yogi
• Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
• Hittleman Yoga Teacher,
• YogaBasics Yoga Teacher
• Iyengar Yoga Teacher
• Kundalini Yoga Teacher
• Power Yoga Teacher
• Buddy Partner Yoga Teacher
• Chair Yoga Teacher
• Yoga for the Blind Yoga Teacher
• Restorative Yoga Teacher
• Thai Bodyworker

Master Meditator
• Prayer Facilitator, biblical inspiraton on the living word
• Chakra Meditation Facilitator
• Balancing Meditation Facilitator
• Color Meditation Facilitator
• Guided Meditation Facilitator
• Seated Meditation Facilitator
• Standing Meditation Facilitator
• Movement Meditation Instructor

• Affirmations Instructor

Master Vegetarian
• Nonviolent Eater
• Vegetarian for 26 years+
• Raw Vegan Vegetarian Chef
• Raw Health Coach, IARFCT
• Vegetarian Food Prep and Transitioning
• Kitchen Tools & Equipmet
• PETA Activist
• EarthSave Supporter
• Smoothies Instructor
• Juicing Instructor
• Orgasmic Salads Instructor
• Sprouting and Soaking Instructor
• Ayrvedic Medicine Facilitator
• Superfoods Instructor
• Distributor: Vitamix, Ecaliber, Omega

Master Communicator
• Editor
• Recordkeeper
• Author
• Photographer
• Performer
• VisionBoarder
• Advertising Specialist
• Public Relations Specialist
• Graphic Designer
• Web Designer
• Art Director
• Podcaster
• Marketing Mentor, SCORE
• Sandler Sales Training Graduate
• Social Media Marketer
• SkillPath Seminars Practionner
• Landmark Education Communication Graduate
• Toastmasters International Public Speaker

• Touch and Movement Breathworker
• Trauma Breathworker
• Rebirthing Facilitator
• Ujayii Breathworker
• Fire Breathworker
• Cool Breathworker
• Coherent Breathworker

Fitness Trainer
• Pilates Instructor, STOTT
• Personal Trainer, NCSF
• Manual Physical Therapist
• Car Accident and Injury Recovery Facilitator
• BeachBody Fitness Coach

• Ballet Dance Instructor
• Modern Dance Instructor
• HipHop Dance Instructor
• Trance Dance Instructor
• YogaBootyBallet Instructor
• Brazillian Butt Instructor
• CIZE Instructor

• Decluttering Facilitator
• Containerizing Facilitator
• Surrendering Facilitator
• Repurposing Facilitator
• Feng Shui Practionner
• Interior Design Facilitator

What I Have Gained

• Awareness
• Alertness
• Balance
• Bliss
• Breathing
• Concentration
• Confidence
• Consciousness
• Coordination
• Creativity
• Deep Relaxation
• Energy
• Endurance
• Flexibility
• Focus
• Organization
• Recovery and Rehab from Injuries
• Weight Loss
• Integration of Self
• Purity
• Unconditional Love
• Union with the Universe
• Unity

"I am whole and complete." -YogaButterfly

Thank You God, of the Universe for all of my teachers who I studied with and for all of the wisdom I have gained. Thank You for all the individuals who inspired me to expand myself. Thank You for all who believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Thank You God, for pushing me to become the Master that I have become and thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for guiding me to deeper levels of awareness, healing and service.