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Public Speaker

Author and motivational speaker YogaButterfly uses her personal health obstacles and transformation as inspiration to help people get out of the rut of where they are right now so that they can start living–breathing, moving and relaxing into the moment of right now to enjoy a life of health, vitality and youth. She has a non-judgemental and honest presentation style that is fun, interactive and practical. She always keeps the crowd entertained and interested with bold visuals and interactive experiences that will get you into the moment of right here and now. She shares how to add raw fruits and vegetables and proven techniques to get yoga and meditation exercises into your mobile lifestyle–in simple effective and practical ways. Call today to book YogaButterfly at 443-322-4408

"It's all about universal principles and finding balance." -YogaButterfly

Events & Workshops

So HOW do I do THAT? Let YogaButterfly point you to transformation through her workshops and events. Get into the know. I inspire my clients to make choices with integrity for their body, mind and spirit. We all make mistakes. Why Revolve? ...when you can Transform! Are you stuck in any limiting behavior pattern? Join YogaButterfly and other brilliant Leaders as we Lead and Inspire you with Events that transform your body, mind and spirit. Move beyond your excuses and limiting paradigms and create a life that you can really LOVE to live.

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RAW VEGAN VEGETARIAN POTLUCKS Label your food ingredients on an index card with neat handwriting or type up recipe. Refrigerators to accommodate raw, vegan, vegetarian, plant based, fruit based, gluten-free food offerings. All eaters are welcome. This is a non-violent environment: (no meat, no fish, no chicken, no eggs) You may bring raw fruits and vegetables or raw food prepared under 105 degrees. (105 and alive) You may bring vegan cooked food. You may bring vegetarian food for those who are allowing for dairy and cheese. Please label all ingredients. Thank you.

VISION BOARDS Put your vision into Focus. Bring magazines, stickers, glue sticks, scissors, magic markers, paint, fabric, your photos, your journals, your inspiration. We will use our creativity to create a Poster board that allows us to step into and manifest our highest values and desires for our Practice, Work, Career, Relationships, Family, Service and Community.

CHANTING Learn the Art and Power of Chanting. Simple Yoga and Buddhist chanting of mantras bring power, peace and serenity into your life. In honor of Global Mala Yoga and Meditation.

YOGA BASICS For beginners who want to learn the basics of hatha yoga including sampling of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Power, Restorative and Meditation. Great for all levels, beginners and seasoned yogis. Modifications given for injured peeps.

RESTORATIVE YOGA Find new awareness and new levels of grounding, surrendering and letting go. Stillness is subtle movements with supportive blankets, pillows, bolsters and props.

YOGA TEACHERS TRAINING Teachers Training is taught privately one to one and in small groups to teach authentic real yoga. Call for details.

THAI YOGA BODYWORK You receive healing yoga treatment of ancient Vedic Thai Yoga practice that is relaxing and releasing while YogaButterfly (or your learning partner) does all the work.

WALKING MANTRAS MEDITATION puts your mantras practice into action by getting out in the community to become aware of living in the moment. Walks begin from the Yoga Studio. Bring comfortable walking shoes (tennis shoes, socks, jacket, hat).

CHAKRAS What are Chakras? How to Align your Energy Centers and maximize your potential.

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Classes Events & Workshops

YogaButterfly likes to have fun and tell it like it is in my classes, events, workshops. YogaButterfly shares inspirations, real life experiences and offer ways for you to find new observations about yourself so that you can break yourself down –so that you can integrate yourself back up. Classes are generally one hour long. Events and Workshops vary from 1 hour to several hours depending on the event, customized to your needs. Popular Celebrations include Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelorette, Bridal, Weddings. *For Breathing and Meditation events: Wear comfortable clothing, bring your own yoga mat, blanket, cushion, eye mask and earplugs. *For Yoga events: Wear athletic yoga clothing, barefeet, bring your own yoga mat and yoga props. *For Eating Clean: Raw Vegan Vegetarian events: bring an open mind and your appetite and be prepared to sample healthy foods. *Corporate Demos: bring yourself, your yoga mat and yoga props and your calendar. For those with sensitivities, please no perfume, thank you. Please refrain from using cell phones and texting during classes, events and workshops. *For All Events, please PreRegister. Please Arrive early. We start on-time. Please call for specific details 443-691-7444.

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Corporate Demos, Workshops, Classes

Your Employees will receive the following Benefits

  • Lively motivation and energy and intense desire to accomplish tasks

  • Positive inspiration, leadership and enthusiasm toward coworkers

  • Greater health, Lessen illness, disease and insurance premiums

  • Companies that promote health and wellness get increased productivity from its employees.

  • Employees who maintain a healthy lifestyle, have more energy, better awareness, perception, reasoning, judgement, sharper memories and better attitudes.

  • Teams that get along will outperform with greater skill.

Let YogaButterfly Power Up your group, company, organization or audience with information that will make positive transformations for a healthier, happier, more productive life in body, mind and spirit. For her availabililty, Call 443-691-7444 and Invite YogaButterfly to your business or organization today. Get your gear and let's get started so that I can ensure that the moment, our moment, doesn't pass you by.

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"Gilliane was our yoga instructor for our company sponsored yoga classes and she did a wonderful job of providing both instruction and inspiration for the classes she taught. I would highly recommend her yoga classes and instruction." Ed Tracey (client) Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

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Eating Clean in the Workplace

Your work force will benefit from Eating Clean...

Would you like to have a happier and more productive work place? You can, but not if you continue to do the same things with your employees expecting a different result.

Many corporations and audiences have decided to introduce positive change in mind, body and spirit after experiencing YogaButterfly. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and has been motivating thousands of people to achieve results of better health through yoga, meditation, raw vegan food transitioning. She has shared her story, action steps, truth and philosophy with employees of companies such as Whole Foods, Constellation Energy, National Federation of the Blind and many others. Call 443-691-7444 to set up a Corporate Demo for your organization.

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Private Sessions for Executives & Staff

Many of YogaButterfly's corporate clients find that offering Private Sessions in yoga, meditation and eating clean to Executives and the support staff takes the entire organization to higher levels of success because the core people are on board along with the employees and with this process in place, outrageous transformation occurrs. Call 443-322-4408 to book YogaButterfly.

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Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Yoga for the Holidays.

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